Good Men Are Hard to Find – Downloadable Game

Good Men Are Hard to Find is a lighthearted little non-linear adventure where you find, feed and kill men to sacrifice to an island god.

Created for the Github GameOff, in Good Men Are Hard to Find you have been commanded to gather offerings for an occult ritual. The offerings in question are the locals on the island, but to make them worthy sacrifices they need to have their own hunger satisfied first. You’ll need to search the island, find useful items, chat to the locals and figure out what order to kill them in to complete the ritual.

It’s a great little game where the cheerful retro visuals and friendly locals belie the dark nature of your actions. You really do feel like a bit of a heel for killing everybody, but at least they were satisfied first!

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Good Men Are Hard to Find Here

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