GOODNIGHT – Browser Game

GOODNIGHT is a charming little retro platforming adventure in which you make your climb through a pixel art dreamland to wake up in time for your favorite TV show.

Your favorite TV show if about to start soon, but you’ve nodded off in front of the TV. The only way to escape your dream in time for the show is to climb up through seven single screen levels of dreams and wake yourself up. The way is perilous, but thankfully you have a friendly companion who can give you a helping hand.

Taking around five minutes to play though, GOODNIGHT is a short and adorable little game with charming pixel art animation, inventive wrap-around level design, a superb chip-tune soundtrack and a very sweet narrative. A delightful little trip to dreamland you won’t want to wake up from.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Move, X – Jump, Z – Chill (Hide From Z’s)

Available On: Browser & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play GOODNIGHT Here

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