Google Feud – Browser Game

google feud game

Google Feud is a fun mix of Google Autocomplete and Family Feud (or Family Fortunes in the UK), in which you attempt to guess the most searched for sentences on Google.

In each round of Google Feud you are given a choice of 4 categories (Culture, People, Names and Questions), after selecting one of these you are given a few words from the start of the query, such as ‘Is It Fun To….‘ and must guess the most searched for phrases that complete that statement, with points awarded to how well you do.  This can be particularly tricky as people really do search for the strangest things on the internet.  For example the top four answers for ‘Is It Fun To….‘ are ‘Be A Girl’, ‘Be Fat’, ‘Be A Lawyer’ and ‘Work At Gamestop‘.  This may prove a little frustrating, but it’s also remarkably fun seeing how bizarre some of the most popular searches on the internet are.

Controls: Point, Click & Type

Available On: All Browsers

Play Google Feud Here

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