Gorescript – Browser Game


Gorescript is a very cool voxel based old school first person shooter with silky smooth run n gun gameplay, multiple weapons and lots of hidden secrets that’s playable in full screen in your browser at 60fps.

Gorescript is a fun low frills, high thrills shooter that’s designed from the ground up to be optimized to play on browsers. A lot of work has gone into keeping the file size down (especially with regards to the audio and limited amount of enemy types), but the dev has managed to achieve a lot from within these constraints.

The gameplay is full of fast paced run and gun combat that harkens back to classics such as DOOM and Quake. The enemies aren’t toughest to out manoeuvre, but the level design more than makes up for that with plenty of traps lying in wait (by the end of the game, you’ll be terrified of opening doors). There are also lots of very well hidden secrets to find that add to the replay value, and the whole thing whizzes by at a silky smooth 60fps on all but the weakest of PC’s.

Gorescript isn’t just a fun old school shooter, it’s an impressive technical achievement, considering the amount of gameplay that’s being squeezed out of so little data. A fun bite sized browser based FPS that’s perfect for getting a fix of run n’ gun action during your lunch break.

Controls: WASD – Movement, RMB – Lock Screen, LMB – Fire, E- Interact

Available On: All Browsers

Play Gorescript Here

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