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graina game

Graina is a fun little Lemmings-esque granular physics based puzzle game in which you mould and shape the landscape using a variety of fluid particle-based materials such as water, lava and sand to help your band of gnomes reach the exit on one piece.

In Graina your little gnomes walk mindlessly forwards oblivious of any hazards as in Lemmings. It’s up to you to shape the landscape to keep them away from peril and get them to the exit. You do this by hoovering up granules of materials such as dirt, sand, water, lava and obsidian and then dumping them on other areas. Each of these materials has it’s own physical properties and can even cause reactions with other materials (lava + water = steam + obsidian).

As you progress the puzzles get trickier and there are even boss fights to contend with. It’s great fun sucking up and dumping the various types of materials as it gives the game a wonderfully tactile feeling and the granular physics are a joy to see in motion. It’s like playing around with a giant sandpit, filled with gnomes, spikes and spiders. Sure, spikes and spiders aren’t particularly pleasant, but if you dump enough sand on them they’ll surely go away!

Controls: WASD – Move Screen, RMB – Suck, LMB – Blow

Available on: All Browsers

Play Graina Here

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