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Grand’ma and the Flowers is a charming, challenging and very touching narrative-driven precision platformer where you make flowers bloom in each level while learning more about your grandmother’s life.

In Grand’ma and the Flowers a granddaughter goes in search of her missing grandmother across a series of single-screen levels. Her grandmother always loved flowers, red ones especially, so to complete each level you need to pass by each red seedling to make it bloom. However, there are lots of other flowers too, and you’ll fail the level if you stand on one once it’s bloomed, so you need to plan your routes and tread carefully to succeed. Also, if you’re up for a real challenge, you can also try to make all the flowers bloom or only make the red flowers bloom.

It’s a tricky game that has a touch of Celeste about it as you tackle its cleverly designed single screen levels. The animation of the main character and the flowers are beautiful and the controls allow for a good deal of precision (though it would be better if they were mapped to a d-pad rather than the analog stick). It’s the story that really stands out in Grand’ma and the Flowers though. Each level reveals a little more of your grandmother’s colorful life story and her impact on your life. It makes for a very touching experience that will stick with you long after completion.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, R – Restart

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Grand’ma and the Flowers Here

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  1. Hi, Lumbir Bwut creator of the game here. Thanks a lot for the review, It’s really nice to see that you enjoyed the game despite its small flaws.

    I wish you success with your site 🎉

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