GRASPING – Downloadable Game

GRASPING is an unsettling finger-flexing horror game where you stick your hand inside a medical robot to receive a diagnosis.

In GRASPING you are attempting to get a medical diagnosis from the Mortalis Institute’s patented new physical trauma diagnosis machine. It asks you questions and you answer by moving your fingers, and throughout the process the machine forms a bond with you, which shouldn’t have any severe side effects at all…

The original game was designed to be played using a custom controller that you physically placed your hand in (which would add another layer of immersion), but even when played on the keyboard GRASPING is a very tense experience. It’s a clever concept that would be great for expanding on (perhaps allowing your choices to effect how the game plays out), as the hand-based communication system works well and it’s REALLY disconcerting when your hand starts to freak out in the game!

Controls: ASDF – Flex Fingers

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download GRASPING Here

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