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groove club

Groove Club is….  Groove Club is….  To be honest we’re not sure what the hell Groove Club is.  It’s either the work of genius or a cry for help from a deranged mind, in which you explore a surreal world filled with characters who look like blow-up sex dolls.

It’s best not to think of Groove Club as a game, and more of an interactive piece of abstract art.  The (deliberately?) dated visuals, excellent soundtrack and disturbingly weird character models help build an unsettling atmosphere, akin to that of Twin Peaks.

The few lines of dialogue in the game are French, but we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t shed much light on the plot of the game anyway (although if anyone can translate it we’d love to know what they’re saying!).  You appear to be heading for a rendezvous at the Groove Club, and the Groove Club is a very strange places – that’s probably all you need to know.

As shonky as the character and world design is, there’s something about them that keeps you transfixed throughout.  A triumph of bad game design and unique artistic direction.  A Thoroughly bizarre experience that you’ll never forget (even if you want to).

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Spacebar – Jump,  Mouse – Look

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Groove Club Here

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