Groove in the Grove – Download Game

Groove in the Grove is a charming little musical adventure where you recruit a band of adorable little woodland animals to have a big jam session.

Created for the HexCode Game Jam in Groove in the Grove you control a little girl with a bongo drum who sets out to get a groove on with some forest friends. You can bang your little bongo drum in time to the music and as you wander around a small woodland area you come across animals that have their own instrumental beats. Match those beats and the animals will follow you to join in your groovy jam session.

It’s a fairly simple take on rhythm action and it only takes around 10 minutes to play through, but Groove in the Grove is a delightful little experience. The low poly visuals are packed full of charm, the music is infectious and each character is beautifully animated. A Joyful little 10 minute jam session well worth joining in!

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Download Groove in the Grove Here

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