Grooving Grounds – Download Game

Grooving Grounds is a funky little 10 minute incremental clicker where you recruit dancers, bust a groove and generate good vibes.

You start Grooving Grounds with one little randomly generated dancer who generates one ‘vibe’ per second. Tour accrued vibes allow you to buy better dance moves, better lighting and recruit more dancers – all of which earns you more vibes to spend on upgrades.

Each new dancer you recruit is randomly generated and comew with their own unique name and interesting fact about them. Your goal is to generate enough vibes to send out a Facebook invite for your party, which only takes around 10 minutes to achieve, so it’s a nice and short take on the incremental clicker genre.

It’s a simple little game, but there’s something about the toe-tapping music and charming little head-bobbing dancers that really makes you smile. A groovy little clicker well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Win, Mac & Linux

Download Grooving Grounds Here

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