Growth Spurt – Downloadable Game

Growth Spurt is a wonderfully absurd narrative-driven open world adventure where a middle school student sets out to be nice to people to grow his legs back.

In Growth Spurt you are a middle-schooler who is unlucky in love. In fact you’re so unlucky in love that after seeing your crush kissing another guy you devolve into a weird little blob. After a very odd visit to the hospital you get your body back, but still have stumpy goat legs. It seems that spreading a little joy might help you get back to your original form (or even better!)

It’s a very charming and thoroughly ridiculous game that’s packed full of fun characters and silly surprises. There are also plenty of great little mini-games, from operating on patients to guiding a ball to compliment people. A joyful little game all about spreading joy. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Growth Spurt Here

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