GTAtari – Downloadable Game


GTAtari is a silly procedurally generated Atari 2600-style demake of Grand Theft Auto.

Your goal in each procedurally generated level is to obtain a key and carry out a jailbreak.  This is remarkably tough though, as getting hit by a police car or cop means instant death.

Even though GTAtari is very basic in terms of visuals, there’s a surprising amount you can do in it – shooting, driving, getting drunk, stealing parked cars and going to weapon shops and salons.  Of course no GTA game would be complete without a kick ass soundtrack and GTAtari doesn’t disappoint on this front.  If features a variety of awesome chip-tune versions of classic pop songs for you to enjoy while on your mission.

It’s fairly simplistic take on the GTA formula, a very tough game but certainly entertaining.  A fun, bite-sized retro rampage.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Shoot

Available On:  Windows Only

Download GTAtari Here

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