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guess a sketch

Guess a Sketch is a fun online game of drawing-based charades in which players must attempt to guess the word or phrase from another players drawing.

The rules in Guess a Sketch are simple – one person draws a word or phrase and the rest of the players attempt to guess it. Points are awarded for the speed the answer is guessed and if you guess part of the answer it’ll tell you that you got a ‘partial match’, which helps you (and the others) to know you’re on the right track. You don’t have to take a turn drawing if you don’t want to, but if you want to give it a go you simply click on the ‘I Wanna Draw’ button and you’ll be added to the list of drawers. When it’s your turn you can then use your selection of drawing tools to sketch out the word/phrase you are given, with your dodgy sketch work being viewed in real-time by the rest of the players. You then just have to hope your art skills are good enough for another player to get it right!

Online games such as this are only as good as their community, and thankfully Guess a Sketch is a very pleasant place to hang out, with trolls and cheaters swiftly getting booted, the remaining players all genuinely supportive (even when you draw a truly terrible picture). It’s a fun and addictive game filled with bad pictures and good atmosphere. A game of sketching and guessing will really draw you in!

Controls:  Point, Click & Type

Available On:  All Browsers & iOS

Play Guess a Sketch Here

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