Gun Orphan – Browser Game

Gun Orphan is a fast, fun and stylish little twin-stick shooter where a psychic orphan who works for the CIA uses her abilities to eviscerate her targets.

In Gun Orphan you take on the role of an orphan who has been abducted by the CIA to help take down a mysterious enemy called the Dark Orphan. You need to make your way through a series of kill-rooms filled with different types of enemy to dispatch. You’re vastly outnumbered and you can only take a few hits, but you have some nifty tricks up your sleeve. You can use telekinesis to make your enemies heads explode, you can use it to pick up fallen enemy’s guns and you can also dash around to dodge bullets.

It’s a simple, but very enjoyable game with fast paced combat, fun abilities and a kick ass soundtrack. You really do feel sorry for anyone who’s trapped in a room with this ass-kicking orphan, because you know she’s the only one getting out alive!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Shoot, RMB – Telekinesis, Spacebar – Dash

Available On: Browser

Play Gun Orphan Here

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