GunBlood – Browser Game

GunBlood game

GunBlood is a simple but very addictive little cowboy duelling game with fast paced matches and rag doll physics, in which you attempt to be the fastest (and most accurate) quick draw shooter in the west.

There are 9 rounds in each game of GunBlood, with you facing tougher opponents with each one. In each round you start with six bullets and must hover your mouse pointer over the bullet chamber in the bottom left of the screen. When the round starts you must then aim and shoot at your opponent as fast as possible before they manage to shoot you. Headshots kill instantly but body shots will just wound, requiring you to finish them off before they do the same to you!

It’s a fun game with wonderfully brutal, blood splattered shootouts and fast paced, reflex testing gameplay. Well worth checking out to find out how quick you really are with that trigger finger!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play GunBlood Here

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