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Gunscape is an impressive FPS Toolset which allows you to build, play and share your own classic Quake-style shooters, from multiplayer frag fests to self contained adventures.

Currently in Early Access, Gunscape offers up a varied and easy to use FPS building experience, this isn’t just a map builder, this is a game builder.  With powerful level building software and a variety of theme packs users have freedom to create exactly the type of old school shooter they like. With it’s intuitive but versatile interface, players can create single-player campaigns, co-op maps and multiplayer arenas then share them with the world.

Much like LittleBigPlanet, the ‘play, create, share’ philosophy is what makes Gunscape great.  There’s already a large user-base on Gunscape and a wide selection of FPS creations to play, from classic Quake recreations to some downright bizarre creations.  If you’re a fan of classic first person shooters you should definitely check this out.  Play, Create, Frag.

Players: 1 – 8 Co-Op & Competetive

Available on: Win, Mac & Linux

Download Gunscape via Steam Here

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