Gunwyrm – Browser Game

Gunwyrm is a fast paced and addictive mouse-controlled shoot ‘em up where you control a modular mechanical serpent as it blasts robotic invaders.

Created for Ludum Dare 47, in each level of Gunwyrm you have a set amount of time to blast enemies before moving onto the next level. As you blast enemies you earn extra parts that are added to your mechanical serpent in the following level, powering you up into a writhing snake of metal and bullets.

However, the bigger you are, the bigger a target you are, and everytime you are hit you lose a section of your body. This can dramatically reduce your firepower and if you lose all of your body pieces then it’s game over. Hence, you need to keep up a good balance of blasting baddies and dodging bullets to keep your snakey shooting rampage going.

It would be nice if you could aim your front gun independently of your movement but aside from that it’s a great little arcade-action game with an addictive gameplay loop and excellent pixel art visuals. You feel like a real badass at the start of each level with your massic train of guns, then as body parts are picked off you feel more and more vulnerable, feeling more like the hunted than the hunter. See how long you can survive!

Controls: Mouse – Aim, LMB – Shoot, RMB – Dash

Available On: Browser

Play Gunwyrm Here

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