Guthood – Browser Game

guthood game

Guthood is a fun retro arcade action adventure full of strange enemies, deadly bosses, loot, cool power-ups and secrets.

Guthod offers players a great slice of old school action platforming with great pixel art visals and fun arcade gameplay. In each level you must blast enemies and open treasure chests to collect enough coins to open the exit door. It’s a fun game, especially thanks to all the cool power-ups you can collect and cool little secrets hidden around the levels.

The only thing that doesn’t quite sit right about Guthood is the soundtrack, it’s nice but doesn’t quite go with the style of game very well, perhaps something a bit more chip-tuney or rocky would go better. But that’s a minor gripe in what is essentially a very cool game. Well worth checking out for some old school action platforming fun!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim/Shoot, Spacebar – Super

Available On: All Browsers (May Not Work on Safari)

Play Guthood Here

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