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Gyossait Game

Gyossait is an incredibly tense and creepy horror action platformer in which you traverse a nightmarish post apocalyptic landscape to rescue the Goddess of Earth, who you once tore apart and buried deep within the planet.

In Gyossait you control Oyeatia, a God who created mankind as a gift for his beloved – Gyossait, the Goddess of Earth. Unfortunately Gyossait saw the devastation mankind brought on the planet and saw them as a blight, then promptly started killing them off in their millions. Oyeatia then stepped in and tore Gyossait apart and buried her deep within the Earth’s core where no God could ever reach her. Eventually though he was filled with regret and sought to free her from her Earthly prison, and he has now taken a mortal human form as he attempts to do so.

There are puzzles, deadly hazards, boss fights and even the occasional jump scare to deal with as you delve deeper into the world to save your beloved – and you also have to deal with the new God who has risen to take her place. You explore the game world just using the cursor keys and pushing down to perform certain actions, such as using a shield to deflect projectiles. The audio and visual design as you explore Gyossait’s tormented world is superb, filled with fantastic pixel art, surreal imagery, grotesque aberrations and an atmospheric audio score that really sends shivers up your spine.

It’s a remarkable game that offers a unique and unsettling action platforming experience. The haunting, broken, nightmarish landscape is a captivating place to explore, often feeling like something the late, great H.R. Giger would dream up. Not a pleasant experience, but a thoroughly unforgettable one. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Move, Down – Action

Available On: Windows & Browser

Note: The Deluxe Edition of Gyossait is available to download for free for a limited time only. We highly recommend checking it out as it’s packed with awesome bonus content.

Play Gyossait Here

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