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GZ PT is an incredible GZDoom powered game that faithfully recreates Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills P.T. in GZDoom.

The ingenuity of the DOOM modding community always amazes, but a full recreation of P.T. in what is essentially a 27 year old game engine is the last thing you’d expect. Amazingly it works incredibly well and it’s just as terrifying as the original. There are a few minor differences due to some understandable limitations of the engine, but on the whole the entire game is there, complete with picture fragments, freaky sink baby and even the outdoor end scene.

Turning DOOM into P.T. is a remarkable achievement and it’s amazing how faithful GZ PT is to the original. The attention to detail is very impressive and even though the assets are obviously in a much lower resolution than the original they’re still pretty much spot on. Now we just need the entire cancelled Silent Hills game remade in GZDoom!

Note: You’ll Need a Copy of GZDoom to play GZ PT (a DOOM wad isn’t required though)

Aontrols: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, RMB- Zoom, E – Interact

Gameplay Video: Here

Download GZ PT Here

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