Hackman – Browser Game


Hackman is essentially first person Pacman, in which the pills are replaced with vitamin pills and the power pills are replaced with a rather handy axe.

The classic Pacman gameplay transfers to a first person view remarkably well, with the colourful little ghosts actually capable of causing you to jump if you round the corner and come face to face with one.  It is a little harder to keep track of where all the pills are, but once you work out a system it’s not an issue.  Keep an eye out for the axes that are littered around the levels, grab one and it’s your turn to do the chasing!

Controls: WASD – Movement,  Mousle – Look, LMB – Attack (Once you pick up the axe)

Availaable On: Unity Supported Browsers

Play Hackman Here (Fullscreen Highly Recommended – Press F8)

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