Haemo – Downloadable Game

blood game

In Haemo you will die, many times, but each death brings you that much closer to success.

Starting on a pure white screen, you must try and navigate an invisible maze, solve riddles, fend of enemies and unlock secrets.  This is a little hard to do when you can’t actually see anything, but fear not, you can map out the maze with your own blood!

As you are constantly bleeding and making a mess of the pristine white floor of the maze, you are also mapping out the area, leaving trails of blood in your wake.  You’ll die a lot, but with each run, you uncover that much more of the map, and even unearth secrets, such as cryptic messages written on the floor.  Death isn’t a bad thing in Haemo, it’s a necessity.  It’s a unique concept, very well implemented.  As the Rolling Stones would say: Let it bleed.

WASD/Arrow Keys: Move
Mouse: Look
Left click: Attack (hold to view attack range)
Right click – Spray Blood
R – die

Players: 1

Available on: Windows Only

Download Haemo Here (Name Your Own Price or Free)

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