Hair Nah – Browser Game

Hair Nah is a short satirical browser based arcade game that highlights the torment that black women have to endure every day – white people constantly touching their hair!

In Hair Nah you take on the role of Aeva, a black woman who loves to travel, but is fed up of people invading her personal space and touching her hair without her permission. You have a choice of skin tones, hairstyles and travel destinations, but the gameplay is similar in each variant – slap away those hands and protect Aeva’s hair from those pesky hair touchers!

It’s a simple, but fun little game with stylish pixel art visuals, a catchy chiptune soundtrack, a nice sense of humor and an important message – don’t touch people’s hair without permission, that’s really not cool!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, Arrow Keys – Slap Left/Right

Available On: All Browsers

Play Hair Nah Here

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