Hakopalace – Downloadable Game

Hakopalace is a challenging pixel art boss rush arcade game where you attempt to dash and blast your way through 15 unique boss battles.

The gameplay in Hakopalace is simple, easily accessible and very tough. You can shoot (with auto-aim, jump and dash from wall to wall and ceiling to floor. Battles take place in small spaces and require you to learn attack patterns well, as a single hit means death.

After you beat a boss you are given a choice of doors to go through that will determine your next boss and the overall route you take through the game. You can get one of three endings by defeating 6 bosses (depending on the route you take through the game), but to get a hint for the final ending you’ll need to beat all 15 bosses.

It’s a challenging and addictive game with a great visual style and a nice variety of bosses to deal with, each of which has their own unique set of attacks. The battles are tough, but fair and are more about learning attack patterns than twitch reflexes (though they do help). See if you can escape the Hakoplace!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Shoot, X – Dash, C – Jump

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play Hakopalace Here

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