HANA – Browser Game

HANA is a stylish action platforming puzzler that sees you dealing with three different expanding blob-like organisms on some very tight spaces.

In HANA your aim is to get the correct colored blobs to touch the correct colored glowing heads in each level. Each of the different colored blobs react differently – the pink blob expands every time you shoot it, the green blob retracts when you shoot it and the purple blob follows you wherever you go near it. All three blobs will kill you if you touch them though so you have to be careful as you attempt to maneuver them around the levels.

HANA only has a handful of levels, but they’re very well designed and it’s fun getting to grips with the unique properties of each type of blob, the art style is very striking and the chiptune soundtrack is super catchy. A short and stylish space-filling puzzle platformer well worth checking out.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Shoot

Available On: Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play HANA Here

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