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Hang On Game Download

Hang On is a well crafted retro point and click adventure set atop a picturesque mountainscape, that sees you dealing with a troublesome Yeti as you attempt to fix a cable car.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, Hang On is a charming callback to classic Sierra/Lucasarts-style point and click adventures. It takes place on the peaceful slopes of the Trollspitze mountain and sees you controlling two separate characters whose day has been ruined by an abomnible snowman with a penchant for shiny metal objects – and unfortunaltely one of those objects is part of the mechanism for the cable car!

It’s a cheerful and fun little adventure with great pixel artwork, clever puzzle design and a charming premise. A wonderful little slice of old school point and click adventuring well worth hanging around for.

Controls: Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Full Walkthrough Video: Here

Download Hang On Here

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