Happy Room Online – Browser Game

Happy Room Online Free Game

Happy Room Online is a fun free browser based sandbox game in which you place a variety of deadly traps and weaponry around a room with hopes of causing as much damage to a ragdoll test dummy as possible.

Happy Room Online (also available on Steam) gives you an empty room, some cash, some traps to purchase and a ragdoll test dummy. You then buy and set up traps in such a way that they’ll earn achievements (such as cause X amount of damage with X weapon) or just cause as much damage to the dummy as possible. Earning achievements and high scores earns you more cash and unlocks upgrades and more weaponry to use in your death room.

As you progress and unlock more weapons you’ll even encounter Mortal Kombat-esque ‘Finishers’ that kick in when the dummy reaches its maximum damage, smashing the dummy into tiny pieces on one of your well placed traps. It’s a very addictive game and it can be an oddly therapeutic experience watching at the helpless ragdoll dummy bounces around the room from trap to trap. Well worth checking out for some dummy abusing ragdoll carnage.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Happy Room Online Here

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