Happy Wheels – Browser Game

happy wheels

Happy Wheels is essentially Trials for homicidal maniacs!  It mixes the physics based vehicular gameplay of Trials with slapsick humor and wonderfully grotesque ragdoll physics, full of blood, gore and bodily dismemberment.

Happy Wheels allows you to build and share your own courses, with a comprehensive level editing toolkit, but there’s a large selection of excellent levels created already thanks to the sizeable community support.  These levels range from bizarre drug trips to ride-on lawnmower rampages, but usually all have one thing in common – comically large doses of gore.

It really is a ridiculously fun game – a physics based toy box full of carnage and severed limbs.  A wheely good game.

Controls:  Up Arrow – Accelerate,  Down Arrow – Decelerate,  Left & Right Arrows – Tilt,  Spacebar – Jump,  Z – Eject.

Note:   Fullscreen Option Available in Options Menu

Available on:  All browsers

Play Happy Wheels Here

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