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Harambe Vs Capcom

Harambe Vs Capcom is the ultimate tribute (or possibly the ultimate insult) to the recently deceased Cincinnati gorrilla as he kicks the ass of some of Capcom’s finest!

In Harambe Vs Capcom it turns out that Harambe isn’t actually dead – he just used his psychic powers to fake his death to throw an evil shadow agency off his trail. He now has to defeat the zoo guard, meet Ryu and make his way to Africa where he’ll be safe from capture.

Harambe Vs Capcom uses the M.U.G.E.N. engine to bring this remarkable fusion of deceased gorillas and Capcom to life, and it works remarkably well. Harambe has some cool moves and can really hold his own against all Capcom throw at him, but you’ll need some real skill to defeat Evil Ken and Shin Vega!

Controls: Keyboard (Customizable)

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

UPDATE: This Game is No Longer Available

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