Hat Cat And The Obvious Crimes Against The Fundamental Laws Of Physics – Downloadable Game

Hat Cat game

Hat Cat and the Obvious Crimes Against the Fundamental Laws of Physics is a deceptively complex and innovative puzzle platformer, in which you can isolate a section of the screen and loop characters around to the opposite edges.

The charming simplistic visual style of Hat Cat belies a surprisingly complex puzzler.  In each level you must guide Hat Cat to the exit.  You have no direct control over Hat Cat, instead you isolate a section of the screen – causing the edges of the isolated section to ‘wrap around’.  This means that if Hat Cat or an enemy walk or drop through the sides of the screen they flip through to the opposing side.

You use this ‘framing’ in a variety of inventive ways throughout the games fifty levels, making for a unique mind-bending puzzle platformer that’s full of surprises.  A very clever frame-based feline puzzle platformer.

Controls:  Mouse – Select Framing Area,  Spacebar – Pause

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Hat Cat Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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