Haunted Arcade – Downloadable Game

Haunted Arcade is a wholesome and mildly spooky game where you play various rigged arcade games in an arcade that’s haunted by a ghost.

In Haunted Arcade you visit an arcade that’s haunted by a friendly(ish) ghost. The ghost recommends different arcade games for you to play, all loosely based on existing arcade games, and if you beat them you learn a little more about the ghost and move on to another game. However, the ghost isn’t too keen on you beating its high scores so it may make things a little more difficult…

It’s a charming little game with a fun premise and some creative twists on classic arcade games. It’s a pleasure getting to know the ghost and you kinda feel guilty for beating its scores!

Controls: Control Pad

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Haunted Arcade Here

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