Haunted Gas Station – Download Game

Haunted Gas Station is a cheesy, but fun little horror game parody that throws some great little gags and scares into its five minute play time.

Drawing inspiration from Creepypasta and classic low-quality indie horror games, Haunted Gas Station sees you searching for help at a gas station after smashing your van into a deer. Unfortunately, you may be out of luck though as (like the title suggests), the gas station is haunted, and the ghost is a particularly nasty one.

It’s a very short game and the visuals are pretty crude, but it’s got a great sense of humor and the monster is genuinely scary when it makes an appearance. There are great little gags too – such as the parody DVD cases and the fact that the gas station seems to have a whole set of shelves dedicated for making your own murder/kidnapping kit. A great little tongue-in-cheek horror game where you never know whether to scream or laugh!

Controls: WASd – Movement, Mouse- Look, E – interact

Available On: Steam

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Haunted Gas Station Here

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