Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2021 – Downloadable Game

Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar is back with an all new 2021 edition that’s packed to the gills with all manner of retro styled spooky festive delights guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Created by a wide selection of talented devs from the Haunted PS1 community, Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2021 features 24 short and spooky games full of festive goodness. Much like last year’s Madvent Calendar, this year’s edition is an interactive advent calendar that gives you a new game (or experience) to play each day from different developers. The games all have very different gameplay and visual styles, but they all have a little Christmas spirit and a touch of darkness.

There’s a lot of inventive ideas in the collection of games in Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar and the whole thing is presented very well. It’s packed full of creativity and fun surprises. One day you’ll be creating personalized Christmas decorations and the next you’ll be ripping your way through the fabric of reality or helping a drunk santa gather his presents. 2021 may not have been a stellar year, but with the Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar you can at least be guaranteed it will end well!

Note: At time of writing a handful of the games don’t work. An updated version of the Madvent Calendar will likely be released later on in the month with fixes for them.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar

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