Have A Cow – Browser Game

the cow game

Have a Cow is a very silly experience in which you shoot down choppers with milk fired from your udders and eat everything in sight, growing bigger and bigger with each bite until you reach gargantuan proportions.

Playing a little like an even more demented bovine version of Katamari Damacy, each day you must consume enough food to grow big enough to eat a designated target object. To do this you must feed on smaller items and work your way up, munching your way through chickens, horses, people, tanks, buildings and some ridiculously massive objects at the end that we won’t spoil the surprise of.

Taking around 10 minutes to play, Have a Cow is a riot, an object munching mad cow Katamari that’s sure to make you smile.

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  LMB – Eat,  RMB – Aim

Available On:  Unity Supported Browsers

Play Have A Cow Here

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