HelloRun – Browser Game


HelloRun is one of the greatest into-the-screen infinite runner-style games we’ve ever come across – with fabulous pulsing visuals and a backing track that we guarantee you’ll be looking for on iTunes as soon as you’re finished playing.

Gameplay in HelloRun is simple – just use the mouse or keyboard to manoeuvre yourself to avoid the force-fields that litter the futuristic sci-fi corridors that you fly through. As soon as you enter those pulsing neon corridors you know you’re in for something special though – visually it’s fantastic, with high quality graphical detail rarely seen in a browser game. And then kicks in…

When the song fully kicks in HelloRun transforms from being a good game into a truly GREAT game. The devs have managed to create a perfect fusion between the audio track and the beautiful visuals, to create an audio/visual masterpiece that we can’t recommend highly enough – play in full screen with the volume turned WAY up!

Controls: Arrow Keys/Mouse – Movement, Spacebar/LMB – Speed Up

Available On: All Browsers (Chrome Recommended)

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: THAT song is called Surging Memories by Du Tonc you can find it on YouTube here or purchase it on iTunes here

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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