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Helltaker is a very funny and surprising little narrative-driven puzzle adventure about a man who goes to Hell to create a harem of evil demon girls.

In Helltaker you follow the adventure of the titular Helltaker – a man who wants to fulfil his dream of having a harem full of beautiful demon girls. To win the heart of each girl you’ll have to solve a tricky little Sokoban style puzzle and then make the right choices as you chat to them – make the wrong conversation choice and they’ll most likely kill you, so no pressure!

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, Helltaker is much better than the cutesly mobile game it initially seems to be. The puzzles are well designed, the art style is excellent and the writing is very witty. The game takes some fun little twists during its short play time and each of the girls you meet are charming (and also happy to murder you at the drop of a hat). A delightful descent into Hell well worth taking.

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Helltaker Here

4 thoughts on “Helltaker – Download Game”

  1. BIEHLER Elliott

    That was…. Awesome. Clever game design, funny dialogues, great graphic design, smooth music, cute,sexy and wacky protagonists, pancakes…. It’s a perfect for me. Thanks ALPHA BETA GAMER to show us this great game. I really want to follow the team who made that game now : I am going to observe them with care ^^

  2. Fred Ingebritson

    Watching the play through I thought it was cute, perky, and original. I would have even loved to try it a time or twenty. However, the only download is through steam… Blech…

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