Hermit Home Designer – Download Game

Hermit Home Designer is an oddly unsettling Japanese hermit simulator where you attempt to design the perfect home for an increasingly crazed hermit who will do anything to achieve true isolation.

In Hermit Home Designer you design homes for a cheerful, charming and extremely introverted hikikomori (hermit in Japanese) called Yamasen-Chan. This starts off fairly normally, with you selecting objects and placing them around her apartment, but as Yamasen seeks more and more isolated accommodation things start to get weird…

Hermit Home Designer does a great job of telling you its story via each new home your lovable hermit moves into and the flavor text of the various objects you use to furnish them. It isn’t a full on horror game, but there is definitely something disturbing about watching Yamasen’s increasingly insane accommodation choices. See if you can make this hermit happy!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Hermit Home Designer Here

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