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Hexceed is a very addictive hexagonal twist on the classic game of Minesweeper, with hundreds of bespoke levels to puzzle your way through.

The core gameplay of Hexceed is very similar to Minesweeper – you click on hexagons and they then show a number to signify the amount of bombs that are around them (so a “2” means that there are 2 bombs immediately surrounding that hexagon). You need to use this information to figure out where the bombs are and to select all the non-booby trapped hexagons.

Hexceed isn’t just a straight up Minesweeper clone though – it has some great new additions of its own. The levels are all bespoke, rather than being randomly generated, you have safe hexagons at the start of each level and it introduces new twists to keep things interesting along the way – such as walls and lines for directions.

It’s a great take on the classic game of Minesweeper that manages to be just as addictive, while introducing some fun new ideas of its own. Grid based explosives fun well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac (Steam)

Download Hexceed Here

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