Hi No Homo – Browser Game

Hi No Homo Game

Hi No Homo is a quirky little QWOP-like awkward greeting simulator in which randomised pairs of gay men and lesbians meet, greet and hug each other!

Playable with two players locally (or single player if you like), Hi No Homo is a simple, but fun little game that sees you using a QWOP-like control scheme to control the arms of pairs of people as they greet each other. Pulling off the perfect greeting requires a handshake, a little verbal communication and a consensual hug or an extended handshake. It’s not too tricky to pull off a good greeting if you and the other player are on the same wavelength, but if you do accidentally grab onto the body of the other player too early you’ll pull off a non-consensual hug and fail.

It’s a fun little game, with a charming premise, a satisfyingly clunky QWOP-like control scheme and some excellent character art. A great little game well worth shaking hands with.

Controls – QW – P1 Move Arm, OP – P2 Move Arm

Available On: All Browsers

Play Hi No Homo Here

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