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Hide and Shriek is a multiplayer first person 1v1 scare ‘em up that sees invisible players setting traps and casting spells in an attempt to scare the crap out of their opponents!

In Hide and Shriek Every halloween selected students from competing wizard academies face of in 1v1 battles in an attempt to prove their skills by scaring their opponents witless. Matches take place over 10 minutes, with the player who scores the most points or gets three successful scares being crowned the winner.

Points are scored by finding special orbs and taking them back to your altar, while scares are scored by setting traps or landing a successful ‘Shriek’ on your opponent. Locating your opponent can be tricky though as both players are invisible, with only the occasional flicker of an giving them away. There are also a variety of randomly selected runes that you’ll find scattered around the map that you can combine to create a wide variety of useful spells. Do well and you’ll earn XP which will unlock new customization options for the skull that pops up and scares your opponent when you Shriek at them – and there are even Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump masks is you fancy unleashing some true terror on your rivals!

Hide and Shriek can take a couple of goes to figure out how everything works, but it’s a fun game once you get into the swing of it and the jump scares from the customizeable Shrieks are fantastic. Well worth checking out for some multiplayer spooky scares this witching season.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, Spacebar – Shriek, E – Cast Spell, LMB – Interact

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Hide and Shriek Here

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