Hide Dot Seek – Browser Game

Hide Dot Seek is a fun little browser based multiplayer .io game where player control little black squares who attempt to hide in the black and white environment while red squares attempt to hunt them down.

In each round of Hide Dot Seek each player (bar one) starts as a little black square which must find a good place to hide and then make their way to the safe zone (when it spawns) to earn points. However, one player starts the game as a red square and attempts to track down the other players and tag them. Once a player is tagged then they turn red too and attempt to track down the rest of the hiding players.

It’s a fun and oddly addictive little game which makes great use of its simple black and white visuals, as you try to find good places to hide or spot where people are hiding.Well worth checking out for a bit of hide and seek fun.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Use Skill

Available On: All Browsers

Play Hide Dot Seek Here

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