Hitchcock’s Psycho Adventure Game – Downloadable Game

Hitchcock’s Psycho Adventure Game is a pixel art point and click adventure where you play through the first act of Hitchcock’s classic Psycho movie.

In Hitchcock’s Psycho Adventure Game you play through the fateful story of Marion Crane, who checks into the Bates Motel one dark and stormy night. She’s a secretary who’s just stolen $40,000 fom her employer and is now on the run. Unfortunately for her, it’s quite unlikely that she’ll ever get to spend it!

The gameplay in Hitchcock’s Psycho Adventure Game is much like a traditional Lucasarts style point and click adventure (albeit with less laughs and more murder). It helps if you’ve seen the movie (though it’s not neccessary) and there are even a few pixelated cutscenes taken directly for the movie.

There are a few minor grammar issues but on the whole it’s an excellent little point and click adventure that does a great job of recreating the suspense-filled vibe of the movie. The pixel artwork is excellent, the puzzles are fun and here’s a great shift in gameplay towards the end. If you enjoy a good point and clIck adventure you’ll enjoy this short stay at the Bates Motel.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows and Mac

Download Hitchcock’s Psycho Adventure Game Here

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