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Hold it In

Hold It In is a simple and silly little game in which you play a small monster child who must attempt to hold in his poop on a car journey long enough for your dad to reach a rest stop you can use.

You are a sitting in the back of your fathers car as he drives through the countryside, but you REALLY need to poop! Your father tells you to hold it in, but this is easier said than done as you’re driving through some very hilly countryside and your species of monster seems to have a VERY simple digestive tact – just a straight line from your mouth to your ass. Every time your father goes over a hill that poop’s going to shoot up or down, it’s going to be a real challenge to hold it in!

The controls in Hold It In are very simple, press the up key to close your mouth and the down key to close your bumhole, only one can be closed at a time though so you’ll need to alternate depending on which way the poops going to come out. It’s a fun little game, with charming visuals and a catchy soundtrack, complete the story mode and you’ll unlock the endless mode, then you’ll really see how long you can hold it in!

Controls:  Up – Close Mouth,  Down – Close Ass

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Hold It In Here

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