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Hold The Phone is a funny and frustrating little puzzle game that recreates the stresses of dealing with obtuse robocalls on your phone.

We’ve all been a little frustrated when calling a number and being greeted by a robotic voice, requesting you to “press 1 for customer service” or “use your keypad to input your account number now”. Hold The Phone takes this to the extreme as you follow the increasingly enraging escapades of Mr. Legs as he attempts to deal with a variety of everyday robocalls.

You control Mr. Legs with the WASD keys, allowing you to move around the house and look at useful pieces of info or carry out certain activities. While doing this you can use the mouse to press the relevant buttons on the keypad of your phone to make your way through the increasingly complex robocall menu systems.

Things start off fairly easy, with you making a quick call for a licence renewal, but as you make your way through Hold The Phone’s eight levels the calls get more complex and you also have other stuff to deal with – such as going to the toilet, charging your phone and keeping your dog off the furniture. Mr. Legs gets enraged if there are any mistakes and by the end you’ll be pretty enraged too!

The deliberately frustrating nature of Hold The Phone means that it’s hard to call it an enjoyable game, but it is a great little parody of the hassle we have with robocalls. It’s a fantastic concept with a great sense of humor and some infuriating calls. A robocall adventure well worth dialing in on.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Use Phone

Available On: Windows

Download Hold The Phone Here

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