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Hollowed is a beautifully crafted dual control puzzle platforming adventure in which you venture into the heavens to bring your loved one back to the world of the living.

In Hollowed you control a humanoid character called Halia with the left analogue stick and the embodiment of her inner spirit, called Oco, with the right analogue stick. They are connected by a spiritual bond and work together as you attempt to rescue your loved one from death.

Halia controls much like a traditional performing character, with you able to run and jump with her, Oco on the other hand has some very nifty abilities that have a lot of uses. Oco has four main modes that you can transition through a the press of a button. One allows Oco to instantly switch places with Halia, another boosts her through the air, one reveals hidden structures and one turns Oco into a heavy weight. Combinations of these powers are used in some incredibly inventive ways as you make your way through Hollowed’s beautiful, dreamlike game world.

Taking around an hour to complete, Hollowed really is a delight from start to finish, with cleverly designed puzzles, fun abilities, an emotional narrative, a beautiful soundtrack, gorgeous visuals and lots of hidden secrets to discover. A cerebral and heartfelt experience that’s packed full of clever game design. Highly recommended.

Controls: Control Pad Only

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Full Playthrough Video: Here

Download Hollowed Here

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