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home improvisation FGP

Home Improvisation brings the joy of building flat-packed Swedish furniture to the home computer!

Building the furniture is remarkably easy (at first), with you simply having to rotate and position the pieces so that the slots fit into the holes, then snapping the pieces together.  Things get a little tougher once more complex kits start to arrive though, especially when multiple packs arrive at the same time, but this is where the real fun begins!

As any peg can fit into any hole, you can build some truly horrific looking furniture, making weird lamp/table hybrids that are fit for neither purpose.  This furniture building fun can also be enjoyed with co-op multiplayer for some really chaotic builds.  Hint: In Home Improvisation many hands ceartainly don’t make light work!


  • Uses keyboard/Mouse and up to 3 Xbox 360 controllers.
  • Spacebar / Left Mouse Button / A Button: Pickup/attach/drop Furniture
  • WASD/ Mouse / Left stick: Move Furniture
  • Arrow Keys/ Hold Right Mouse Button / Right stick: Rotate Furniture
  • Shift Keys/ Scroll Wheel / Triggers: Move Furniture vertically

Players: 1 to 4 (Keyboard & 360 Controllers)

Play Home Improvisation Here

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