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Homerun Bun is a simple but super addictive little single-screen arcade game where you whack a ball to keep it up in the air for as long as possible and earn enough cash for upgrades.

The goal in Homerun Bun is simple – try to keep the ball up in the air for as long as possible without letting it touch the ground. You start with a little bunny wearing a little red scarf and carrying a baseball bat. You whack the ball up in the air with the bat and try to keep hitting it to keep it up in the air. With each hit the ball goes higher, you earn more points and the multiplier increases.

Once you miss the ball and it hits the ground then it erupt with a fountain of coins (depending on how well you do) which you can then collect and use to purchase upgrades in the shop. There’s a nice selection of items to buy, including multi-balls and a “Slam-Hammer”, but you can get a massive amount of points with just a stick ad a heavy ball by building up your multiplier.

It’s a simple, but very satisfying little arcade game with great pixel art animation and fun reflex-testing gameplay. The massive eruptions of coins you achieve as you get better are a particular highlight – though is can cause some serious slowdown (or even crash the game) once you get too good!

Note: It is possible to crash the game if you get a ridiculously high multiplier

Controls: Movement – Arrow Keys, Swing – Spacebar, Shop – Enter

Available On: Windows

Gameplay: Here

Download Homerun Bun Here

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