Honk ‘n’ Bonk – Browser Game

Honk ‘n’ Bonk is a very addictive little platforming dodge ‘em up where you try to survive for as long as possible while none balls bounce around the screen accompanied by a jazzy cacophony of honks and bonks.

In Honk ‘n’ Bonk you control a little man in a small room that contains nine balls floating in the air. When you whack a ball then it will start to move, bouncing around the room and hitting other balls, causing them to bounce around the room too, with them making a mixture of jazzy honks and bonks whenever they hit anything. You need to try and dodge them for as long as possible to earn yourself a high score – which can even be converted into GIF form.

It’s a simple, but fun and very addictive little game that keeps you coming back for one more go. The sound design is particularly enjoyable, with you essentially creating your own little freeform honking and bonking jazz solos each time you play. Well worth checking out for a bit of honky bonky fun.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interaction,

Available On: Browser

Play Honk ‘n’ Bonk Here

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