Hook, Line and Thinker – Browser Game

Hook Line and thinker game

Hook, Line and Thinker is a charming little pixel art puzzler in which you guide your fishing line down through the sea and attempt to catch as many fish as possible.

Each type of fish in Hook, Line and Thinker has a different attribute which can aid or obstruct your goal of catching lots of juicy fish. Squid squirt impassable blobs of ink, crabs remove obstacles and jellyfish can kill other fish (but even those dead fish can have a purpose). Your aim is to use the unique properties and plan the route your line will take to allow you to get the fish to the surface. It’s a great little puzzler with fun pixel art visuals and cleverly crafted puzzles that will really get you hooked!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Move Hook, Z – Reel in Hook, X – Restart

Available On: All Browsers

Play Hook, Line and Thinker Here

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