Hoopity Stick – Download & Browser Game

Hoopity stick game

Hoopity Stick is a fun little game that allows you to relive the old timey joys of pushing a hoop down a road with a stick.

You must avoid a variety of obstacles and collect candy as you roll your hoop down the road.  You have no direct control of the hoop, instead you push it with a stick (or other random stick-like object).  Rolling the hoop straight forward is easy, but turning it is pretty tricky as the hoop uses real world physics – hit the hoop to hard to one side and it’ll just wobble and fall over.

Once mastered, Hoopity Stick proves that rolling a hoop down a road is a surprisingly addictive pastime – especially as more and more complex obstacles are introduced.  A an old timey hoop roller that’s well worth taking out for a spin.

Controls:  Arrow Keys or Mouse – Push Hoop (Arrow Keys Recommended)

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Browser

Download or Play Hoopity Stick Here

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